If you've selected to checkout via bank transfer, you'll see the transfer details after you checkout. You can also revisit these details on your order history page.

Once you've made the checkout, you have a 36 hour window to process the transfer and complete your purchase. If you've not made the transfer, your order will automatically expire after 36 hours.

This bank account number is a unique virtual account that we've created for you in collaboration with UOB Bank. We've done this so that we can automagically match your payment to your Grouphunt order 5-10 minutes after you've made the transfer. Once we've matched it, you'll get a confirmation email that you're now part of the hunt - ho ho! =)

Note: Because it is an exteremely new feature, and some of UOB's service staff may not be aware of it. As such, we've heard of cases where over the counter and ATM transfers may not work, and hence we recommend making the FAST transfer via your iBanking website or app.