To request that a hunt be re-run, please visit the hunt page and click the "Request" button. This will make sure you are notified when another hunt becomes active.

When a re-run reaches 25 requests, our team is notified and will work to bring back the product. The time it takes to relaunch a hunt depends on whether or not we can source enough product from the vendor or manufacturer. If we have run the hunt multiple times in the past, it will generally take 2 to 3 weeks from the last hunt's end date for the product to be relaunched.


Sometimes, you might find a product available for order on our Marketplace. Here's where we list items for cases where we've ordered a few extra units to make up for case sizes, or to account for lost shipments, missed payments, or late cancellations. All products found in the Marketplace will have no minimum group size, and will be shipped out the next day.